Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Paper PATCH wristwatches

The Geneva company Altanus known as manufacturer of high quality and expensive watches in gold and steel recently approached several non-standard material – the new PATCH made of paper.

According to the creators, the PATCH is an environmentally friendly clock, which became a source of inspiration for the Carnival in Viareggio with its platform and masks from papier-mâché. In order to achieve maximum safety for the environment, Altanus decided to use biodegradable paper to create the outer shell.

Actually, the fact that a new products made of paper, does not mean that it is a one-time or insufficiently reliable products.Watches have hypoallergenic flooring and even can boast some degree of resistance to water, as well as superficial damage.

New weigh 11 grams and have led display – of course, this development is far more interesting to see the electronic paper, but obviously it's much added value to PATCH.A word about price: paper clocks promise to get customers in 24 euros.

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